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At BBI, we love big ideas and will use this page to share all the incredible events, conversations, and projects that we have enjoyed so far. Explore within and feed your curiosity!

Designing the Culinary Experience

Executive Chef and co-owner Marco Olivares, co-owner Carlos Ibrahim Sanchez, and restaurant owner Stephanie Hernandez took us through an engaging conversation with a behind-the-scenes look at the big ideas spurring one of El Paso's newest and most exciting restaurants - Lola Rosa. We explored Marcos' and Carlos' journey through the restaurant and hospitality industry, the process behind designing the guest experience and creating new and exciting flavor combinations, and the story of Lola Rose and her world travels.

Women's Empowerment: A Conversation with Mija, Yes You Can and Chica Chat

BBI celebrated International Women's Day in a big way with Mija, Yes You Can and Chica Chat, two organizations empowering women throughout the region. We were joined by Iris Lopez, Founder and Executive Director of Mija, Yes You Can, Zoe Gemoets, Founding President of Chica Chat, and Marina Monsisvais, CEO of Barracuda Public Relations.

This engaging conversation explored a multitude of topics such as the gender pay gap, the motivation that spurred the creation of both organizations, the pressure in male-dominated industries, and the real meaning of feminism, just to name a few.


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CEO Insights: A Conversation with Glide and Pantheon

This engaging conversation with Jonathan Lopez, CEO of Glide Scooters, and Erik Pavia, CEO of Pantheon, helped us examine the lessons learned by these local leaders during the development of their respective ventures. Attendees learned about how to structure a functional business, how to measure success, and how to manage teams while also looking ahead at the future of tech in the borderland. More insights to come.

Virtual Art Crawl - In Partnership with Last Thursdays El Paso

Thanks to our friends at Last Thursdays El Paso, we have enjoyed a virtual art crawl that showcases ten local artists representing the three sister cities of El Paso, Las Cruces, and Ciudad Juarez.

Last Thursdays El Paso highlights downtown arts, culture, businesses, and entertainment every last Thursday of the month. During the cold winter months when it's not conducive to hold the traditional outdoor art crawl, this outlet is a great opportunity for artists to still gain exposure. Come back soon to see some of the features we have so far! In the meantime, enjoy them from our social media pages:
Facebook - @borderlandbigideas
Instagram - @borderlandbigideas

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